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The Everyday Essential Brush Set

The Everyday Essential Brush Set

SKU: 197644097234

The Everyday Essential Brush Set is designed to bring ease to your makeup appication.  Created by a makeup artist. This set has 3 face brushes for face makeup appication and 4 eye brushes for all eye makeup applicaton.   


1. The Face Blender

 Synthetic hair | Created for a smooth blended finish.


2. Blush + Contour Face

Goat hair | Created for applying blush, bronzer, and highlighter.  Safe to use with powder or cream.


3. Foudation Face

Synthetic hair | Created for applying and blending liquid foundtion.


4. Laydown Eyes

Goat hair /applying eyelid color.  Safe to use with powder or cream. 


5. The Eye Blender

Goat hair | Used for blending out eyeshadow.


6. Liner Smuger

Goat hair | Best used for softening eyeliner. Pencil, liquid, or powder.


7. The Crease Eyes

Goat hair | Created for applying eyeshadow in your crease or for a more intense darker eyeshadow application.


  • Care Instructions

    Use a conditioning brush cleaner or gentle liquid soap.

    Mix a small amount of soap and water in a cup, add brushes in bristle-side down and swirl in soapy water.

    Rinse under cool running water.  Squeeze out water and reshape with your finger tips. Lay flat to dry.

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